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Five Guys is definitely one of our favorite picks when it comes to eating out at fast food restaurants!

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Of course, we encourage you to prepare your meals and food at home. It’s not only cost effective, but also healthier since you get to pick and choose ingredients and adjust macros. However, Five Guys keto options aren’t bad at all!

In our recent posts we’ve mentioned a few restaurants with really good nutrition guides, but Five Guys makes it in the top three for sure. They list their macros by ingredient, which is definitely unheard of – but so incredibly helpful for all ketogenics.

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Can I do keto at Five Guys?
4 Important Keto Five Guys Tips
Five Guys Keto Burger Options
Five Guys Keto Hot Dog Options
Keto & Low Carb Toppings
What To Avoid at Five Guys
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Can I do keto at Five Guys?

For example, you can get a bacon cheeseburger or a hamburger patty and customize it with keto diet friendly extras, such as lettuce, onions, grilled mushrooms, hot sauce and more.

If two hamburger patties in the regular burgers are too much for your diet, you can get the little hamburger, little bacon burger or little bacon cheeseburger and cut your calories by nearly a half.

Not really up for a burger? You can choose from four kinds of hot dogs. Not eating cheese? Bacon is an option too. Want more cheese? Double it. More toppings? Go crazy at Five Guys and choose as many as you like, for free!

Looking to try a new keto friendly takeout or fast food option? Read our top 50 keto fast food restaurants post for some ideas.

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4 Important Keto Five Guys Tips

The wonderful thing is, you can always ask for a lettuce wrap instead of the bun. It’s not all out in the open on their menu, so don’t be shy and give it a shot. You can order it at most locations. Not into salad wraps? Simply ask for a bowl, grab a fork and indulge!
Avoid all kinds of milkshakes and sugary drinks. Don’t know what drink to pick if you’re on the keto diet? Stick to water, unsweetened ice tea or diet sodas (but make sure to check the label just to make sure).
This one is obvious, but don’t even think about buns or fries. They’re loaded with carbs and in no way, shape, or form, okay on the keto diet.
We usually tell you to omit all kinds of sauces at fast food restaurants, but Five Guys has a few really good low carb condiments on their menu. A little extra mayo never hurt nobody!

Five Guys Keto Burger Options

Five Guys burgers are super keto friendly! You get to make your own keto burger, with no bun and no high carb extras. Remember to stay away from all kinds of fries, milkshakes and sugar-filled sauces such as the BBQ sauce and the A1 steak sauce.

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